Artist Statement

After living for many years in México, I returned to my roots in Chile to develop this photographic project, with the central theme of The Origin. It is an exercise to go back to where everything started. I found it interesting to confront my own origin with that of the planet and join them in a project conformed by trips to remote areas of Chilean Patagonia.

It has been amazing to reach these places so far from everything and to feel the loneliness, silence and purity of the untamed landscape. There is a feeling of such vastness and greatness, plus the changing climate, which makes me very alert and contemplative of the present moment, that generates clarity and peace.

My photographic project in Patagonia, is a reunion with my own existence. I want to understand life from its purest and most primitive form and visit these places as in the beginnings of everything and to value the importance of contact with nature and care of it in current life.

Santiago, Chile.